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    Prototype production

Prototyping: from data set to cast part.

Cost-effective and flexible without pattern.


For the production of prototypes in sand casting, we print the required sand casting moulds for you based on 3D-CAD data sets. A major advantage: The production of casting moulds in 3D-printing does not require any pattern equipment. In addition, more complex casting geometries can be achieved than with conventional processes.

We examine every requirement for prototypes and individual parts in detail. In addition to 3D-printing, we also use basic pattern equipment when this is advantageous for technical or economic feasibility.

For the production of prototypes in the Lost Foam casting process, we use milled foam pattern. In this way, pattern are created from foam block material on the basis of the 3D-data, which can be used for the production of castings without the need for a foaming tool. This technology allows us to produce close-to-series sample components from the original casting material at short notice and make them available to our customers for sampling, test bench trials or as an illustrative pattern.

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GSL prototype production – the advantages for you:

  • Production of prototypes without pattern
  • Process selection on the basis of a technical and economic evaluation
  • Close-to-series production technology for sand casting and Lost Foam
  • Overcoming of typical casting technology restrictions
  • Short lead times for individual parts and prototypes

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