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    Pattern making

GSL Pattern making: highly responsive and precise

Manufacture and modification of foundry pattern, core boxes and lost pattern


Our in-house pattern making team plans and produces your patterns and core boxes with short delivery times. We also respond quickly to implement changes and corrections for you.

Your pattern from GSL is the basis for high-quality casting production, which is why we place great emphasis on the precision of your pattern. For optimum results, we support pattern planning as early as the preliminary order phase by computer simulation of the casting process.

Depending on the requirements profile, we manufacture your pattern from wood and resin block material – traditionally hand-built or milled according to data.



GSL pattern making – the advantages for you:

  • Fast response times due to our own pattern making department
  • Experienced specialists with training as technical pattern specialising in foundry work
  • High precision pattern for exact castings
  • Pattern made of wood, plastic or metal according to requirements
  • 5-axis milling according to 3D-CAD data for complex pattern geometries
  • New production, modifications or refurbishment of old pattern

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