• GSL cast products –
    Industrial furnace

GSL for industrial furnace construction.

Components for the highest thermal requirements.

We have been providing industrial furnace manufacturers with expert support for many years, right from the component planning stage.
We help our customers to select the best heat-resistant materials and advise them
on the design of components subject to high thermal stress. It goes without saying that we always keep all technical and economic requirements
in mind.

Our product range for industrial furnace manufacturers includes a wide range of components for various furnace types and heat treatment processes.

The topic of sustainability is close to our heart, which is why we will buy your worn castings on competitive and
fair terms on request.

The benefit for you: You will not only lower your costs but also help us to close the materials cycle together.

Base cross
Heat-resistant cast steel
Sand casting
Lifting beam
Heat-resistant cast steel
Sand casting
Transport shuttle
Heat-resistant cast steel
Lost Foam
Furnace support
Heat-resistant cast steel
Sand casting

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